An Ellatric Adventure ...

Sorry but with this recording Your going to Need to Turn Up the VOlume......

Hi There,

I have been empowered through accidents and incidents.

I have been strengthened through necessity.

I have been learning it is not what I have done, or what has been done to me that defines me.

I have been writing songs to tell my stories.

I'd like to send you the song You Got the Power,

If you turned the video on, I was singing the song to you.

I'd like to keep in touch with you, to have the ability to reach out to humans and hear what they have to say.

I would like to share stories in a more personal space, for me that's email.

So if that's okay with you, we can sorta become pen pals without the pens.

Type in your first name and your best email and I'll send you

treasures and trinkets, words and music.

Grab You Got the Power -sing it loud

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