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Can you relate?

I was sitting in my Volkswagen Rabbit, in a parking lot, peering out into the Gulf of Mexico.

I was full of angst. I was unhappy with where I was, not only the location but where my life seemed to be going.

I felt like I had no purpose, no drive, and hated the work I was doing. I gripped the steering wheel and wished the car would take me away from the life I was living.

For a long time I lived like that, moving away, relocating. I kept expecting the new location to give me a sense of peace.  I was always left feeling stagnant and unchanged.

Here I sat, in a parked car, with gulf breeze drifting in, sunshine in my face and all I could do was with I was somewhere else.

My voice started to soothe me with these words:

You got the power to change your world

No matter what your age

no matter what your color

No matter what you do

No matter what you’ve done

You got the power to change your world

Look inside yourself

Find a little peace

Look inside yourself

It may be hidden deep

I take this song with me, it is tucked into the pocket of my heart

What's This Worth?

You are listening to Kate McLaughlin.  For the price you want,  this song and two others can be yours. This inspiring music motivates you to get through each day.

  • You Got the Power the lyrics which are above. It reminds you have all the power to change your world
  • Hold On , this song is playing now it encourages you to not let go of your dreams.
  • You Don't Know Me/Dire Wolf is for those who have been judged and find power in them to howl.
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